Future Equipment

A new microscope will be available shortly

Specifically designed for student/home use this microscope will have a digital screen and has the ability to connect to a computer or TV, it also has an SD card slot for recording of data. With the digital screen it will allow many people to view the image at the same time.

The screen has many features built in so users can have grid lines for measuring, able to zoom in on a specific area, do live capture and time and date a picture.

There are no eyepieces in this microscope.

The microscope is also designed to have the stage lowered and with the low powered lens to be used as a stereo type microscope for the viewing of plants, rocks and the like.

There are about 12 different variations and 4 different colours of this unit, I will only be stocking 2 different ones at first, a 3 lens unit with stage clips as a basic model and a 4 lens unit with mechanical XY stage.