Laboratory Equipment

Digital Balances, either battery or plug pack.

An affordable unit guaranteed for 12 months, new replacement if faulty.

100 gms at 0.001 gms $495
610 gms at 0.01 gms $418
2kg at 0.1gms $220

Other models also available



Hotplate stirrer

Hotplate with magnetic stirrer

Hotplate stirrer with temperature probe for accurate temperature control



Another excellent product
Sanxin produce excellent quality equipment for around the world.
This Magnetic stirrer is fully submersible, either battery or power adaptor used, 2 speed programmable with memory. Ideal for unusual applications, eg in a water bath or use on field trips




pH and pH, Temp meters

SANXIN Ph meter, top quality, they have replaceable parts
SX 610 0-14 pH at .1 resolution
+/- .1 pH accuracy
Temperature compensation 0-60 degrees automatic

SX 620 0-15.0 pH 0-60 degrees C Resolution pH0.01 pH 0.1degrees C
+/- 0.01 pH +/-1 degree temp


SANXIN PHS-3D-03 pH meter

Multi metering kit with stirrer
Tests solutions pH 0-14.00
Temperature 0-100 degrees C
Conductivity 1999mV
Switchable between F&C degrees
RS232 connector
Auto calibration, data storage, record max/ min value
9vDC adaptor
Comes with magnetic stirrer with 1000ml capacity up to 2300 rpm 6V
3 buffer solutions 2 probes



SANXIN portable pH/mV /temperature meter

Ideal for field use
pH range 0-14
mV range 1999mV
Temperature 0-80 C
Nice carry case


You really need one of these to save water

Water Distiller

4 litres per 3.5 hours. Absolutely no waste water.
Turns off when empty, just set and forget.
Comes with spare charcoal filter and cleaning detergent.


WS 001