Microscope accessories

Microscope accessories

Stage micrometer $35.20
Slide holder X&Y axis $32
Microscope slides plain 50 pcs $2.20
Microscope slides welled 50 pcs $3.20
Cover slips 20x20 100 pieces $2


Prepared slides set of 92 in box $169
Prepared slides as in box each $3.30
See other page for slide details
Lenses, standard thread long length objective
Lens 4x $25
achromatic, 4x10x40x $100 set
Achromatic 4x,10x,40x,100 x $140 set

semiplan, plan and infinity
lenses also available POA
Eyepiece Small
Specially produced for me to suit AIS small tube size
Lens small tube suit AIS WF 15X 11mm $20
Eyepieces Standard size
Eyepiece standard $20
Eyepiece pointer $20
Eyepiece with micrometer grid $30

Microscope lamps


Microscope lamp 240 volt w/blue filter $25
Microscope lamp, 240 volts, blue filter, clip can be changed from side to bottom.






Microscope lamp, rechargeable LED lamp $36
On trials can last up to and exceeding 5 days continuous use.