Prepared Slides

Prepared slides

A list of slides available on order

number description $3 each slide number

J4201 Root-tip of Plant l.s. 1
J4202 Young root of plant c.s. 2
J4203 Top-bud l.s. 12
J4205 Stem of Pumpkin l.s. 3
J4206 Monocot-leaf plant stem c.s. 4
J4207 Dicot-leaf plant stem c.s. 5
J4208 Wooden Dicot-leaf plant stem c.s. 13 dicot stem
J4210 lower Epidermis w.m. 6
J4211 Penicillium W.M. 7
J4212 E.rhuriopathiae smear 14
J4213 Chamydompnas W.M. 15
J4214 Bacteria 3types smear.(staphylococcus, pseudonmonas &spirillum) 16
J4215 Microzyme smear 8
J4217 Hydra l.s. 36
J4218 Earthworm TS 38
J4219 Mitosis of plant cells 79 onion root tip
J4220 Mitosis of animal cells 80
J4221 Frog egg division stage sec. 81
J4222 Blastula stage of egg of Frog sec. 83
J4223 original intestines stage of egg of Frog sec. 82
J4224 Chromosome of salivary gland w.m. 84
J4225 Pine leaf c.s. 17
J4226 Plasmodesma sec.(endospermium of Kaki) 18
J4227 Conjugation of spirogyra W.M. 85
J4228 Frog egg mono-cell stage sec. 86
J4229 Frog egg 2 cells stage sec. 87
J4230 Early gastrula stage of egg of Frog sec. 88
J4231 Lichen section 89
J4232 Polliondium of Funaria L.S. 21
J4233 Archegonium of Funaria L.S. 22
J4234 Protonema of Funaria W.M. 23
J4235 Pteridium section 24
J4236 Protothallus of Pteridium protothallus sec. 25
J4237 Young sporophyte, protothallus of pteridiumW.M. 26
J4238 Pollen bourgeon w.m. 27
J4239 Germen/Ovary of Lillium sec. 28
J4240 Anther of Lillium sec. 29
J4241 Young embryo of shepherd's-purse sec. 90
J4242 Old embryo of shepherd's-purse sec. 91
J4243 Leaf of Jasminum T.S. 10
J4251 Simple squamous epithelium sec. 54
J4252 Double squamous epithelium sec. 55
J4253 Skin of Human sec.(show sweat gland) 63
J4254 Skin of Human sec. show hair-follicle 64
J4255 Fibre connective tissue W.M. 56
J4256 Loose connective tissue W.M. 57
J4257 Human blood smear 58
J4258 Skeleton muscle l.s. and c.s. 59
J4259 Smooth muscle division w.m. 60
J4260 Cardiac muscle sec. 61
J4261 Movement nerve cell w.m. 66
J4262 Spinal cord c.s. 65
J4263 Movement nerve twig w.m. 62
J4264 Stomach wall sec. 67
J4265 Kidney l.s. 68
J4266 Blood vessel of Artery and vein c.s. 69
J4267 Small intestine section 70
J4268 Epidermis of Cilia section 71
J4269 Lymphoid node sec. 20
J4270 Lung blood vessel inject section 72
J4271 Kidney blood vessel inject section 73
J4274 Spermary/Testis sec. 74
J4275 Ovary sec. 75
J4276 Spermatozoon smear 76
J4301 Volvox W.M. 30
J4302 Aspergillus W.M. 9
J4303 Moss section 31
J4304 Seeds of Corn l.s. 32
J4306 Conjugation of Paramecium caudatum W.M. 39
J4307 Binary fisson of Paramecium caudatum w.m. 40
J4312 Cysticercosis w.m. 41
J4313 Schistosome male and female w.m. 42
J4314 Cestode mature node w.m. 43
J4315 Schistosome male w.m. 44
J4316 Schistosome female w.m. 45
J4320 Roundworm female and male section 46 ascaris
J4322 leg of honeybee w pollen sac w.m. 47
J4323 Mouth of honeybee w.m. 48
J4324 Mouth of mosquito w.m. 51
J4325 Mouth of butterfly w.m. 50
J4326 Mouth of housefly(female) w.m. 49
J4328 Mouth of Grasshopper w.m. 52
J4329 Hydra with bud W.M. 53
J4331 Letter "e" 11
J4332 Epidermis of Onion w.m. 33
J4333 Spirogyra W.M.(vegetative mass) 34
J4334 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of human mouth W.M. 77
J4335 Eggs of Ascaris lumbricoide W.M. 37
J4336 Rhizopus nigricans W.M. 35
J4337 Chromosome of Normal man W.M. 78
J4338 Meiosis of Locust spermary w.m. 19
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