Microscope Accessories
Prepared Slides


Junior/Childrens Microscope

Achromatic Objective:4X,10X,40X(S)
Plane-Scope Eyepiece:WF10X;Total Magnification:40X-400X
Fixed Monocular Head,38º Inclined
Plain Stage With Paired Clips:90X90mm;
Single Lens Condenser:N.A. 0.65
Six-stop Dial Diaphragm
Coarse Focusing Adjustable Mechanism:8mm;
Built-in Incandescent Lamp 15W(or LED)

Also available are slide sets to suit children



Explorer Microscope

Very popular in schools, rugged design, also suits older children and can have additional items attached.

Monocular with 4x, 10x, 40 x objectives and 10x eyepiece.
Uses a compact fluorescent lamp for a superb white light.
Also available in LED light and Halogen lamps to order.
Has a fixed condenser with adjustable iris and and stage clips.
An adjustable slide holder is available as an extra
A good solid quality unit very popular
MME 0001

 Available camera viewing head unit, XY stage slide holder, USB digital camera, Optical micrometer.



Searcher Microscope
the big brother to explorer.

Searcher has 4x,10x 40x and 100x lenses, binocular head unit with a tri-nocular head available as an extra.
It has an adjustable slide holder and graduations on the side for measurement.
Comes with a standard compact 5 watt energy saving fluorescent lamp.
LED and Halogen are also available on order.
Microscope is shown with a digital camera which is also available as an extra
Standard $730.60 MBS 0002

Trinocular $854.37 MTS 0003

With 1.3 Mp camera $1129.40 MTSC 0004



Seeker Stereo Microscope

A quality unit with above and below stage illumination 10x eyepieces and a 2x and 4x objective.
An extremely well built with solid robust construction, it should last for years and years




Seeker Senior.

An extremely large solid built stereo microscope, 10X eyepiece and 2x&4x objectives
It is available with trinocular head and either USB digital camera or cctv camera. It is also available in zoom and different bases are available to suit your needs
Contact me for your requirements.
From $758.85

A large stereo trinocular zoom microscope available on order, suitable for micro crystal specimens, plant study. Has above and below stage lighting.

Please inquire re specifications and your requirements.








Monocular with digital camera

Achromatic Objective:4X,10X,40X(S)
Plane-Scope Eyepiece:WF10X;
Total Magnification:40X-400X
Monocualr digital head (built-in high quality color camera);
45o Inclined,360o Rotatable;
Resolution:1280(H)*1024(V)(1.30MP),Chip:1/3" MT9M001;
USB2.0 Saving still images as BMP,JPG files;
User-friendly sophisticated micro-image process software for previewing, measuring, comparing, counting, saving and deleting;
Plain Stage With Paired Clips:100X100mm;
Single Lens Condenser:N.A. 0.65
Six-stop Dial Diaphragm
Coarse Focusing Adjustable Mechanism:8mm
Built-in Incandescent Lamp 15W $748

Binocular microscope with digital screen

An amazing microscope for the professional, and school alike, has inbuilt screen, 5MP digital camera,  able to take pictures and store them. Outputs for video, USB, SD card. Inbuilt measuring grids and digital zoom, can store images.
Comes with infinity corrected lenses. 4x, 10X, 40X 100X

This microscope is ideal for the professional who uses a microscope for prolonged periods of time, the screen will reduce eyestrain and is easy to operate, easy for shareing immages with others.Different models available for industry etc. contact us for more details. From about $4200
MBS 0010


Gem microscope

A stereo microscope with above and below illumination, additional lamp in the front, comes with darkfield below stage and gemstone holder. $835

Please call for more details





Student petrological microscope (similar to explorer)
Component Specifications
Viewing head Monocular head,45Oinclined,360Orotating
Eyepiece WF10X-18mm
DIN 45mm
Achromatic objective
DIN achromatic objective 4X/NA0.10
DIN achromatic objective 10X/NA0.25
DIN achromatic objective 40XR/NA0.65
Nosepiece Triple nosepiece with positive click stopper
Analyzer built-in analyser group
Stage Diameter 135mm360ORot table and Graduated in 1OIncrements, Minimum Resolution6�� when Using Venire Scale, Center Adjustable
Condenser single Condenser with Iris Diaphragm
N.A.1.25Abbe Condenser with Iris Diaphragm
N1.25Abbe Condenser
With polarize ,can rotate, with degree scale
Focusing system Coaxial fine & coarse focusing, with safe rack stopper
Illuminator Halogen bulb 6V/20W.AC85-230V
Option Movable specimen holder