Physics Equipment

Bench meters

Volts -5-0-+5
Volts 0-3-15-30
Amps 50 milli, 500milli-5 amps
Microamps -20-0-100
Galvanometer -300-0- +300
$25 each



Oscillator EM1642 2MHz

Specifications: Output waveforms:Triangle, Square, Sine, Pulse, Ramp, TTL, Single pulse, DC level, 50Hz Sine Amplitude:1mV—25Vp-p
Output impedance:50Ω Error:≤±5%
Frequency:0.2Hz—2MHz Error:≤±1%
4-digit-LED display Attenuator:0dB、-20dB、-40dB、-60dB
DC level:-10V-+10V Duty cycle:10%-90%
Distortion of sine:≤2%
Rise time:≤50nS
Frequency sweep: 1:100
EXT measuring frequency:0.2Hz-10MHz EXT measuring amplitude: 0.5Vp-p10Vp-p
Size: 245×98×320(mm) Weight: 2.5kg




Planck’s Constant

Planck's Constant Measuring Instrument
Wavelength of Color Filter:
Red: 625-635nm; Orange: 575-585nm;
Yellow (Dark) : 545-555nm; Yellow (Light) : 505-515nm;
Green: 515-525nm; Blue: 465-475nmo Wavelength of LED Light:
Red: 618-622nm; Orange: 584-588nm; Green: 528-532nm; Blue: 483-487nm
Light Source: 12V/35W Halogen Tungsten Lamp Sensitive Component: Vacuum phototube Dark Current: Less Than 0.003mA
Precision of Accelerate Voltage: Less Than ± 2%
Measuring Error: Less than ± 15% of the Recognized Value (h = 6.62619x 10" ) Power Supply: 220 V/ 50Hz ± 1 Hz or 110V/6OHz± 1 Hz



Student power supplies

5Amp supply, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, volts switchable
Filtered DC





This unit is a different type of speaker. It can make the bench, wall or window into a loudspeaker.
Great for physics experiments.
Connects to any audio output, has a small amplifier




Solar panels

An extremely well built solar panel rated at 5 watts, at 12 volts under load, aluminium mounting frame with terminal box on rear.
10 watts at 12 volts





Extremely light weight, large screen 7.8 ins
2 Channel imput
Impedance 1M Ohm
Storage ability
USB connections to computer.
Selling interstate $980