Sound System


Model:Portable Multi-function Wireless Amplifier

Spec: MH-200
◆ Assemble with advanced wireless receiving module.
◆ High efficiency of 50W output, make your broadcast clear and strong.
◆ Function of connecting to outer speakers.
◆ Built-in sound source equipment: DVD、VCD、CD、MP3、USB and FM receiver.
◆ Built-in AC-DC serving dual purposes power supply system with intelligence: auto check the capacity of the battery, auto charge the battery, AC auto change to DC, it makes it more convenient.
◆ The system can use wired/wireless microphone, DVD etc. different sound sources mixed-amplifying.
speaker: 8"
tape playing: tape playing
microphone: 1×Hand-held microphone & wireless lavalier microphone
power: 50W

A wonderful system for smaller schools, it can be used for assemblies, concerts or general use.
This unit can play DVDs and can be connected to a TV or monitor. It has several different inputs for microphones, musical instrument inputs etc
The unit has an effects system and can produce echo like effects to give a depth you would not normally get.