LED Lamps

I am proud to supply Energy efficient LED lamps which are now available.

I have sourced products from different companies so as to supply the best products at the best prices

B22 base

NLM 301B, cool white, 6500 K 880 Lm   120           10Watts  $

NLM 7012 1200 neutral white 4000 K 1300 Lm   18Watts  $

NLQ701  12volt MR16 G70 bulb Neutral white 4000K 300lm 3.5Watts $

NLQ 701 12 volt MR16 G70 dimmable warm white 3000k 308 lm 4 watts $ 

NLQ 701 12Volt MR 16 5watt Neutral 4000K 25 degrees 4 Watt  $

Para flood

NLP 602 Cool white 6500K 1400Lm 120 degree 18Watt $

NLP 601 neutral white 4000K 1500Lm 120 degree 23 watt $

NLT 301  cool white, 6500K 1950Lm  120 degree 23watt

NLT 1301 square shaped silver down light SAmple

NLT301B MR16 3 watt White base

T8 tube frosted warm white 600mm long 3000K 4Watt$

T8 tube frosted neutral white 600mm long 4000 K 4Watt


A suitable equivilant to a 60-70 watt incandescent lamp uses only 3 1/2 watts and has a life span of 50,000 hours or an equivilant of a 14 watt compact fluro.

The cost of the lamp will recoup in about 1 1/2 years

Consider this, 50,000 hours at 6 hours a day= 8333 days=22.8 years.

Immagine never having to change a light bulb again.

Consider the reduction in power and the lesser amount of greenhouse gas produced.

An additional item that I stock is a safety / emergency light.

The LED lamp has backup batteries so that when the power goes off the lamp switches over to the battery giving you another 3 1/2 hours of available light.

The light can be used without connecting to the power with a simple switch already on the lamp  $68