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Recently St Peters Girls college has given me some of their older microscopes, these have now been cleaned and serviced and donated to South Pacific School aid. They will inturn send them overseas to schools in need of books and equipment.

I now have several Olympus CH model microscopes, binocular with 4 objectives, these i buy from overseas and recondition  and service, they are ready to go if you are in need of any. Priced from $300.

I have also aquired many used microscopes which will suit both the younger student or university student, please fell free to ask as to what is available.


I am pleased that I am becoming known outside the school circle and I also thank you for the recomendations I get from you all.

If you need any special science equipment please feel free to ask and I will either have the information available or be able to source what you might need.

Please remember the Science alive science show at the Waville showgrounds, 10-12 August. I will be there again with some microscope activities and might be able to answer any questions you may have. Children FREE.


regards to you all




















Enjoy science