China Tours.

Xi an and  Beijing. 

Are you considering a visit to China? one of the most important historical places to visit is the ancient city of Xi an, the historic capital of China, the beginning of the Silk Road which was the beginnings of trade with Europe and Marco Polo the explorer. The whole area is surrounded with history, most famously for the Terra Cotta warriors but it also boasts of an ancient neolithic town at Bampo, many pagodas and places of worship. The forrest of Steles is a most wonderful site for a collection of ancient writings and a magnificient collection of Budda statues. Here you can buy ink rubbings of the ancient carvings.

Xi an has an enormous city wall which surrounded the ancient city, it is now the centre of the new city and stretches 14 Km. People can hire a bicycle and cycle around with many wonderful views of the surroundings.

For the fit person a trip to the Hua Sha mountain on a clear day will provide a most wonderful birds eye view of the surrounds.

Driving in China takes nerves of steel as the traffic can be somewhat unnerving for the novice.

This is where Helen and her team who are based in Xian can provide you with an excellent service, from airport pickup to tours of the most wonderful sights or, assistance with shopping or just traveling around the city. Their tour guides speak excellent English and are in tune with foreign needs.

They have another new vehicle which seats 7 people in comfort and very capable drivers.

Tours can also be organised for Beijing where you can visit the Great Wall, jade factory, and many other wonderful sights.

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